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Ways and precautions to trim dog's coat

Ways and precautions to trim dog's coat

Pruning a dog's coat is not to cut the dog's hair into a shape that you like, but to consider the overall perfection of the dog according to its breed characteristics, and try to hide the dog's defects and exaggerate its strengths so that the dog can be owned. The ideal image that should have.

What are the techniques for trimming the coat?

Generally speaking, the summer is cut shorter and the winter is slightly longer. The ideal shape of various dogs is different. Take the poodle as an example. For a small dog, keep the hair on the head longer and cut it into a circle, and the hair on the neck should be naturally hanging down. The hair should also be long, so that the shape will be beautiful.

As for the big dog, you have to find a way to cut the hair on your head, and the hair on the neck does not need to be cut short. For dogs with long faces, the beards on both sides of the nose should be rounded to emphasize the focus. A small-eyed dog cuts the hair on the upper part of the eye by two rows and it seems to have a magnifying effect.

Dogs with short necks can trim the hair on the neck to improve shape and cut deep in the center of the neck to make the neck look longer.

A dog with a long body, if the hair behind the chest or the back of the butt is cleaned, the body of the body is fluffed with a curler, which will make the body shorter.

A dog with a low back and a short dog can be cut short and front like a long dog, and the hair of the foot is cut into a slightly thin rod, which looks high.

For dogs with X-shaped or O-legs, just leave the hair on the legs longer, making the legs look thick and straight.

A dog with a large buttock should cut the entire hair of the waist so that the body can be slightly tilted to hide the shortcomings. For chubby dogs, it is best to cut the hair of the whole body and cut the feet into sticks to make the body look thinner.

For hunched dogs, it is best not to cut the hair on the neck, but to cut the hair on the back and try to keep the shoulders and waist hair long, so that the body will not bend.